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THE TRUTH about anyone: Background Check, Criminal Records, Unlisted Phone Numbers, FBI files, Adoption Records

Background Check, Criminal Records, Unlisted Phone Numbers, FBI files, Adoption Records

Own access to the program that will make you a master at locating missing persons, addresses, criminal records, driving records and SO MUCH MORE.

Background Check

Use Net Detective to conduct complete background checks on:

Use Net Detective to complete background checks on:

Personal Information 

Verify his name and address and phone number 
Verify his age 
Verify marital status 
Determine if he has children 
Determine if he's ever been charged with a DWI 
Determine his social security number or check validity of a SSN he's provided 

Find: Criminal records, Background check, FBI files, Unlisted Phone Numbers...

Criminal record

Phone number

Background check 

Employment opportunity

Instant online credit report 

Lost friend search 

My friend email address search

Missing family member search

My FBI file search

Adoption records search

Unlisted Phone Numbers

Discover how unlisted phone numbers are located! 

Where can i find...?

Where do i find criminal record?

Where can i get unlisted phone number?

Where can i get free background check?

Where can i find employment opportunity?

Where can i get an online credit report?

Where can i find a lost friend?

Where can i find poem for friend?

Where can i find old high school friend?

Where can i find my friend email adress?

Where can I find missing family members?

Where can i find my fbi file?

Where can i find adoption record?

Criminal Records

You check criminal records?

Download Net Detective and discover the
EASY WAY to check criminal records,
to find out THE TRUTH about anyone.
You Can Even Discover
What The FBI Knows About YOU.

Check Criminal Records

Software for finding / investigating people, searching public records, genealogy, etc.! 

Net Detective

Genealogy Detective

Investor Detective

Criminal Records Search

Access to public records, including criminal records, people finder searches.

"GET YOUR FBI FILE" Find out what the government has on you with Net Detective! You can even search for UNLISTED phone numbers, criminal records, driving records and more!"

Background Check & Public Record Search Utility Software

How Do You Do a Background Check?

After you've collected information about applicants and done several interviews, you're ready to check the background of your most promising candidate.

Because so many people misrepresent their background and credentials, it is important to do at least a little checking to see if what the applicant says about his or her background is true. A lot of employers don't do any checking, and they often regret that decision. The applicant may be unqualified for the job, or may have some personality trait or past experience that causes problems for you later.

Moreover, if your applicant will have contact with other employees or with customers, an important reason to do that checking is to avoid negligent hiring claims. If you have an employee who turns violent and harms either a customer or another employee, you could be slapped with a lawsuit if reference checking would have kept you from hiring that person.

If you have employees who have or will have significant contact with the public, customers, patients, or children, you'll want to be particularly careful about doing a thorough background check, including a check of criminal records to the extent permitted by law.

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National Alert Registry



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